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Is This a Good Time for Me to Downsize?

The short answer is YES! Home values are still up historically, so chances are you have a large amount of home equity to tap into if you bought your current home any time before 2018. If you are finding yourself in an empty nest, or with stairs you can no longer navigate without pain, now is the time to pounce! A smaller, one level home might be just what the doctor ordered. Chances are, you have more cash to play with than the average buyer, and that quite frankly really puts the ball in your court. I worked with some cash buyers last week and we got them an incredible deal because CASH IS KING in this market. Pricing is sliding down somewhat from the past 6 months, and more sellers than ever are willing to negotiate, especially if they know you won’t be affected by rates and the transaction is much more solid. What are you waiting for? Your future self will thank you! If you have questions about your home’s value, or for a list of one level homes, contact me today!

Brooke Tighe


Luxury Homes of Tennessee

615.497.3506 Direct

615.472.8961 Office


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