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If You are Thinking of Selling Your Home, Make Sure You Do These Things First

So, you have outgrown your home, or now it’s too big, or the location plain ole just doesn’t work for you anymore? Time to sell! Yes, seems easy enough, right? Let’s make sure you have tackled the basics first. I thought I needed to get this post up as a public service. I’ve seen too many homes lately while out with buyers that just haven’t put a single bit of care into their home while it is on the market. Times have changed, you at least have to try now. 

With inventory and days on the market growing by the day, selling your home takes a tad bit more participation from sellers than it did over the past year or so. I wanted to give you a list of things to consider doing before calling your agent (me hopefully). All of these things in combination with a positive attitude can help you net more when selling your investment. 

Informal list of must do’s before listing your home for sale:

Is the mulch out front fresh? Pull weeds in mulch beds and plant some fresh flowers/ replace dead bushes.

How does the grass look? Do you need to treat it for weeds?

Trees/shrubs trimmed and not looking overgrown?

Pressure wash walkways, driveway, fences, and outside of home. If you see cobwebs and crust, so will your potential buyers. Does your fence need to be stained?

Get someone that doesn’t live in the home to give you feed back on the smell of the home. Some people are sensitive to smells. Fake air fresheners gross a lot of people out, but so does the smell of wet dog. 

How does the carpet look, does it need to be shampooed? Or maybe even replaced? (This may help with said smell)

Check around door frames outside, are they dry rotted? Do you need to touch up the paint around them? I have a guy for that!

Speaking of paint, how does the inside paint look? Could it be touched up or do you just need a fresh coat of paint throughout the home? What about the fiber cement outside if you have it? If it’s more than 7 years old chances are the sun has beaten it.

Maybe you just need simple updates like painting your cabinets or changing out the knobs.

How do the light fixtures look? Clean them or change them out all together. This is a cost effectiveway to change the entire vibe of the room and make things feel updated. 

When is the last time you cleaned your baseboards and did a deep cleaning of your home? Dirty windows are a huge turn off too. Hire a professional if you aren’t into doing it yourself. 

This I feel like goes without saying but you would be surprised…declutter! Nobody wants to see little Johnny’s toys or your dog bed, or the sweater you’ve been attempting to knit for your granddaughter. Also depersonalize your home. Make sure valuables are hidden away for safekeeping and get rid of any family photos. Buyers want to visualize their things and their family photos in the home.

Are you ready for my most simple tip of them all? Buy a white comforter for your bedrooms! This makes the room feel clean and fresh. Homes with white comforters in the pictures get more showings, it has been proven! The more neutral the home, the better!

Have anything to add to this list? Although this list may seem extensive it’s not 100% complete. I’m sure there are somethings I haven’t thought of. I know these things cost money but believe me when I say the only homes selling right now are the nice ones with the best price. You will end up netting more on your investment in the long run. Also, selling for a little lower is a wash when you are buying also, because you are paying a lower price. Spring has been proven to be the best time to sell, so prepping should start now if you are considering selling your home this year. You know when else is the best time to sell? When it makes sense for your family.

I pride myself on being a master stager, so if you want any help, I am certainly ready to jump right in and roll my sleeves up! I also have staging items that I use if you don’t have much to work with.

Brooke Tighe


Luxury Homes of Tennessee

615.497.3506 Direct

615.472.8961 Office

For further tips on how to price your home correctly here is another article from my blog: The Importance of Pricing your Home Correctly in this Current Real Estate Climate


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